I'm Jess and I like Mc Donalds. But you know that. So yeah, this is my blog for media.. I'm not sure yet what the purpose of using this is, but I suppose I'll be posting quite often about the first two minutes of a film me, Sarah and Hannah are going to be making.

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  1. Jess, just to confirm I've completed another blog check. Make sure you've had a look at all the comments and actioned any you have chance to. Your blogs are being moderated by several different people and the marks have to be off to board by Tuesday so please make sure that your blog is as you want it asap. Obviously you have exams to revise for etc so I am not going to be jumping up and down or screaming or anything since you've been pretty well organised from the start. Might just need an hour to check every post and be certain you're completely happy with it. There's a few places where you've posted about what you're going to do to improve the post but havne't got back to it yet etc. No pressure at all, just make sure you're happy with it all.