So, before half term we were told to make a collage using things and images which we thought represented us well, to help demonstrate Ferdinand de Saussure's theory of semiotics. We were then handed somebody else's collage at random and needed to use the images to guess who the collage belonged to. It was quite interesting actually, having people basically stare at half of my life on a bit of paper. Strange.

Here is my collage, you can't really see it very clearly, due to the rubbish quality of the camera on my phone (don't get a blackberry kids) so I'll take close ups for you because I am clearly a kind and thoughtful human being.

1. A piece of ripped out paper from one of my notebooks. I just love notebooks. The reason it is blank is because if you've ever been shopping with me, you'd know that I always manage to buy a notebook, and they just sit at home on my shelf unused. They're so pretty, I just can't bring myself to write in them. The blank paper could also represent me as a person, rather than just my strange love for notebooks. I'm very forgetful, and I've been told I just 'stare into space' quite often, the blank paper could connote this. I also see this in a way that could represent how rubbish I am at speaking to people, and how I often just say nothing, because I'm worried I'll say the wrong thing. Sad, I know.

2. Shorts! I just like shorts a lot. I own so many shorts it is unreal. I wear them the majority of the time, even in the winter! Well, with several pairs of tights underneath, but still. They're just something I feel comfortable in. Really though, my friends don't even ask what I'm going to wear when we go out any more because they just assume I'm wearing shorts.

3. The first book from the 'Maximum Ride' series. I started reading them when I was a lot younger, and although they're very childish compared to other books I like, I still adore them. I also feel like I can relate to some of the characters. Ignoring the fact I'm not some freaky experiment child with wings. Although having wings would be pretty cool. A bit un-practical though.

4. Allison Harvard. I chose this picture because of what she's doing with her hands. I do that a lot. Actually, some of my friends laugh at my awkward hands. So does my mum actually.. I have no idea what makes me do it, it's just something I do, and something people know me for.

5. I felt this represented me, as I am forever saying something I think is hilarious, and having people throw offended looks at me. I suppose it depends who I am with, some people share my sense of humour, but most people just don't understand it. This also goes well with number 1, as whenever I do say something, 80% of the time it is wrong, so it's just better for everyone if I say nothing.

6. I like diamonds. Who doesn't though? I am forever doodling and I always manage to draw a little diamond somewhere on either my paper or my arm. I made a clock in DT in year 9 in the shape of a diamond. I was quite proud of it actually. Even though I didn't sand the edges very well and it will probably slice your fingers off if you touch it..

7. Attractive men from Supernatural. I am a teenage girl, what do you expect? I could say that in some ways I relate to some aspects of the character's personalities, for example there was a huge character arc about how Sam was a tad strange. Or how Dean was always trying to make his dad happy, or proud of him. Or how Castiel and how he is not great with people and has the common sense of a child. I could say those things, which are true I suppose, but really I just stuck these beautiful people on here because I like Supernatural. Shh.

8. Freddy Krueger! I love everything Nightmare On Elm Street. I think the whole concept is really interesting, although if it were true it would be pretty scary. I also love horror films in general. They're just something I'm associated with. I don't actually watch films with my friends any more because we just argue about what to watch. I refuse to watch chick-flicks or whatever romantic rubbish they like to spend their time watching, and they refuse to watch over an hours worth of bloody murders. Which is understandable I suppose. That's probably my mum's fault. She's a great mum, but really, when other kids were watching Teletubbies and Disney films, I was watching Chucky and Serial Killing 101.

9. A piercing and tattoo leaflet I got from Camden. I love going to Camden. There's such a lovely atmosphere there, despite the polluted London air. Everyone in the town is really accepting, not like around here. It's somewhere I fit in, as cheesy as it sounds, and it isn't riddled with bleach blonde orange girls and air-headed, chino wearing boys either. Which is always a plus. The reason I put a piercing and tattoo leaflet on my collage is because I love piercings and tattoos, and although I am not old enough to get tattoos at the moment, piercings are something people associate me with because I have lots of them. Not as many as I'd like admittedly, but that will change when I move out.

10. A pentagram made from candles. I like candles a lot. My window ledge is full of pretty candles. I think they're too pretty to burn though, so I just use the plain little tea lights instead. They're in the shape of a pentagram because, the meaning behind them is really nice. Contrary to popular belief, they're not actually Satanic symbols, although some people believe an inverted pentagram represents the 'giving in' to sinful desires. Some Christians believe that any form of pentagram is evil, although they were originally believed to protect against evil, and represent life, which is something everyone can relate to, not just me.

11. Train ticket to Harlow. I just go there a lot. The shops are kinda rubbish and I never buy anything except food, but they have a big McDonalds and McDonalds chips from Harlow are the best McDonalds chips ever. They also have my favourite piercing studio there, which is good. I did have a travel card on here too, because I go to London a lot, but it fell off and I lost it.

12. TUMBLR! I have a blog there which I use to post pictures I like, rant and generally just write about life. Everyone on tumblr is lovely, and I wish people I knew people in real life like the people I've spoken to on there. It could also connote how shy I can be, as I am much better at speaking or 'getting my words out' online, in comparison to social situations.

13. A John Saul book. I love his books, and spent the majority of my summer holiday reading all of my mum's old copies one year when I was 10/11. This also ties in slightly with my love for horror and thriller films. Reading is much more interesting than speaking to people. Books are great.

14. Joan Jett was awesome. I think that's enough said there. If you don't understand why, leave. No, I'm joking. I've looked up to her since a very young age, and I guess she's influenced me in some ways. I also like a lot of music from the 70's/80's, and wish I grew up then instead of now.

15. A cinema ticket. I like films almost as much as I like popcorn.

16. Doc Martens are great. I wear them 98% of the time. They're something I'm associated with wearing, much like number 2, and 17.

17. I'll put it this way, something is wrong if I am not wearing black or grey nail varnish.

18. There is not a day go by where I am not wearing black eye liner. I am associated with having 'cat eyes'. I'm not entirely sure why it is called that though, as the style does not resemble a cat in the slightest..

19. I like jewellery, and am associated with wearing bracelets similar to these.

20. Although this seems extremely shallow, I can assure you that I am not. Obviously, I could live without black eye liner, but meme's are very exaggerated, much like myself in the way that I speak. For example I'd say that this task is taking four years to complete, even though it quite clearly isn't. Black eye liner and exaggerating are both things I am associated with.

21. Well, it means what it says really. Also, aside from the fact Allison Harvard is perfect in every way and is the most beautiful person to ever exist, I feel like I can relate to her a lot. I'd like to marry her.

22. My favourite song ever. I even took the photo at my favourite part of the song.

23. If this logo needs explaining, we can't be friends. I have an undying love for McDonalds. I actually need it at least once a week otherwise I get really moody. It's very silly, and it is most likely just in my head. But it's something I'm known for, my friends even say "someone get Jess a McDonalds, she's really moody!" It's rather amusing actually.

I'm mediocre.

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