So I'm not really very sure if this has any relevance whatsoever, but for the past week I've been watching 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' and although it's a reality show and not a drama, I've noticed something I thought might be appropriate to write about on here. Although it probably isn't, and I'm probably only doing this to avoid doing the most boring powerpoint presentation for the most boring scene in Hamlet for my English homework..

I've noticed that when showing clips before the ad break of what's to come next, they edit the clip in a way that makes the viewer believe that certain things (mostly arguments or some form of 'drama') will happen, when they do not. For example, the film is often cut in ways that show one person saying something in one situation, another person saying something else in another situation, and the way they cut it and edit it together completely changes the context in which both things were said, leading the viewer to believe this made up scenario. I've noticed they also do this in trailers for TV dramas, especially soaps. They always include ridiculous amounts of reaction shots too.


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