Filming Schedule

December 22nd: death/blood/carpet scene.
December 29th: pentagram/ritual scene
*Edit January 3rd: Conversation scene
*Edit February 11th: Dream scene
February 12th - February 20th: re-filming/corrections as needed.

We hope to finish by February 20th at the latest.

Due to health and safety reasons our shooting schedule isn't very detailed, although each member of our group has a copy of a more detailed one. As we only have two scenes, we do not need to have many dates for filming, although we do not expect to film everything perfectly the first time, so we have left a time space to re-film anything that did not work the first time.

*I have edited these parts in, as after we filmed the first scene (the ritual and the death), and we had edited it together, it only lasted 40 seconds, so we needed to film another scene to make the opening a little longer. The first scene was used in a few versions of our coursework, but was replaced by the dream sequence as the feedback we got from an audience of our earlier drafts suggested that that scene needed work.

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  1. Just to confirm this one for the moderator, it is an e-safety thing. 3 teenage girls telling the internet 'at such and such a time we are going to be here' wasn't sensible. Had I thought about it I should have said to post it all after the fact, but I didn't. This is my fault.