Editing 02

We did some coursework editing yesterday, although we can't actually put any of it down until we have re-filmed the second half, as we want it to cut rapidly between the two scenes, and we can't tell if it flows properly without the second scene filmed. 

We sorted through the remainder of the clips and decided which ones were the best to use, and we also marked the 'in' and 'out' points for each clip so they are ready to put down when we have filmed the second half.

When going through these clips, we also used the colour correction tool to lower the orange tone the film had to it. We weren't sure why the living room clips were tinted orange/yellow, but I think it could be from the use of artificial lighting.

During this, we found a clip of me and Sarah eating an orange, which was pretty funny.. I am looking after Ralph (our camera) this week, so I'll probably upload some blooper videos to our YouTube channel (if I don't have too much work to do) if anyone wants to see how deep and philosophical we can make eating an orange look. Unlikely, but still. 

*We've also set a date for filming the second half for our film. I'll do a more detailed post after I've had a bath and some cereal. And probably procrastinated doing anything useful by sitting on tumblr for hours, scrolling down my dashboard. A life; where do I get one?

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  1. Make sure you're embedding your videos and writing about them. The more you do now the easier you'll find the half term homework. Yes, half term homework. Mwaha and, furthermore, hahahaha.