Editing 03

Our coursework is coming along well now, we have around the first 40 seconds of film completed. The first draft should be done very soon! There are a few things that need work on this draft, such as sound. We need some kind of non-diegetic sound to go over the top of the film. We have decided to start working on this after we have filmed the next scene in the half term. We think we may record our own, as we want it to be very minimalistic as loud, complicated music might distract the audience from the narrative. Sarah can play the piano/keyboard, so we will most likely use a keyboard and record the sound onto Garage Band to edit it on there. We also recorded my voice over using garage band. It was hard to do at first, as the microphone we used was very sensitive, so we had to record it a few times as it picked up minor sounds, like somebody moving their chair in the room. As I have the voice of a 10 year old boy, I didn't sound particularly intimidating or creepy in the voice over, which was the tone we were aiming for. To try and make me sound scarier, we looked through some of the filters or sound effects on Garage Band, although we ended up using none of them as they didn't give the effect we wanted. We will leave the voice over for the first draft, to see what people think of it, and then if it recieves negative feedback I'll have to practice sounding scary for when we re-record it.

After filming the second half of our coursework piece, which we planned on adding on to the end of our first part as it wasn't long enough, we realised that we'd given away one of the main 'twists' to the film in the opening two minutes. Which is never good. So we couldn't use any of the clips we filmed last week, so we decided to record my voice over and start thinking about a soundtrack for the first half of the piece.

We're working on a new idea for the second half, so we'll be filming sometimg during the half term as school doesn't provide many locations suitable for filming.

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  1. Get your filming diaries posted on here sharpish. Embedded ideally.