Editing 04

We edited today! It was spent mostly going through the hundreds of clips we filmed during the half term and deciding which ones were good enough to use. We also learnt how to crop the film (with the help of Harry and Sir), which was great. We needed to crop the film slightly as a photo on the wall was visible in one scene, and it was taken down in another. It's lucky we noticed it really, we don't want any continuity errors! That would be a VERY BAD THING.

We also had 2 hours during our free periods which we spent filming a video of us explaining our storyboard, which I should have up here within the next few days. Excuse my hair though, it did not want to co-operate with me today.  We then went into the hall to use the piano, and Sarah, being the musical genius she is started making a piece of music we'll use as non-diegetic sound in our film. I did try to help, but unfortunately, I am not musical genius, so I couldn't really explain what I thought it should sound like very well. Sarah did a great job though! It isn't finished yet and it's split in to little segments, but we have a rough idea of what we want. I'll post a YouTube video of it now. 

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  1. Need some specifics using technical terms if at all possible please.