This is the first draft for the music we'll have in our film. ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL? As explained by Sarah on our YouTube channel, it's a bit disjointed, but it's just a first draft. We plan on putting some strings in underneath to help create the tense atmosphere we're going for in our film.

If you could let us know what you think, with a comment it'd be FABULOUS. Also, you should tell Sarah that she is a musical genius as she was the one who recorded this.

We recorded this music with a keyboard we plugged in to the Mac so we could record it straight on to Garage Band. Garage Band turned out to be really useful when we did this, as it allowed us to record the music in segments and edit them together on the mac. The only bad thing about this was that when we put all the segments togehter, they sounded a little disjointed. We will work on fixing this for our second draft.

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