Editing 05

First draft is almost finished! We just have to add a clip of my street as an establishing shot at the beginning, then record the music to put over the top.

Today we re-designed our studio name logo thing (I'm sure there's probably a technical term for that?) because we thought the original one was too bright in comparison to the rest of the film, which is mostly dark. Whilst doing this, we tried, and failed, to use chroma key (I think..) as we wanted our studio name to have a transparent background. We were going to do this to change the background colour to green, and then use chroma key to take away the green, and hopefully making the background transparent. This didn't really work though, and I'm not exactly a technical genius, so I'm not sure why it didn't work. BUT, we overcame this problem by lowering the saturation and upping the contrast to make the background darker so it fitted in with the rest of the film.

*Edit. OH YES, I remember now! We edited our filming diaries in our free periods, so we can prove that we have actually been doing some filming. They should be up on our YouTube channel soon, when they're up I'll post them on here too so it's easier for you to see what we've done.

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  1. Have a look through all your posts and check the tone of your writing. You show enthusiasm but remember this is for A-Level! :)

    technical terms, specific reference to what you've done to your film etc.