Social Networking

I have used various different social networking sites to get people's opinions on our work, such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, DailyBooth and YouTube. They were all useful to me other than YouTube, but that's probably because I never post videos on my personal channel and I have about 6 subscribers.

Tumblr was definitely the most successful, as the majority of my answers so far were from my followers on there. I think it may have been the most successful as people have the option to be anonymous, which is what the majority of my answers were. I don't really understand why they all chose not to show me who they were, as nobody left any really harsh comments, but there you go.

Twitter wasn't very successful, probably due to the 140 character limit on messages. Also because the majority of my followers on there are people I know in real life, who probably just follow me to laugh at how unfortunate I am and most likely don't like me very much.

Facebook wasn't very successful either, possibly because my friends on there are people I know in real life, and again, none of them like me very much. I don't use Facebook very much anymore anyway, as 95% of the people I have as friends on there are either illiterate and annoying, sharing photos of themselves 24 hours a day in desperation for a few 'likes', or family members who will question my motives whenever I post something. Seriously, I'd post a link to our first draft of our opening and get bombarded with inbox messages from my 'adult' cousins like 'WHAT IS THIS JESS?? IS THIS REAL LIFE?? IS THAT REAL BLOOD?? ARE YOU A SATANIST?? AREN'T YOU SO GROWN UP NOW! HOW IS EVERYONE?? DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND YET?????? YOU'RE SO SKINNY! DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL FILL OUT ONE DAY!!!!!111!!11!!' Just no. My dad's side of my family are so annoying. And they all tell me I'll get fat one day and I know for a fact that I will not. If you're reading this nan, please stop buying me everything 4 sizes bigger than what I am, it will NEVER EVER fit me. I've gone off task here, haven't I? Oops.

DailyBooth was fairly useful, as I have an answer from there.

I'm off to try and get more answers now, bye!

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  1. Screen shots and a closer focus on things which are relevant to your research and planning or evaluation would be appreciated.