WhySoSerious? Marketing Campaign.

The 'WhySoSerious?' campaign in 2007/2008 was an online based game for The Dark Knight film, in which thousands of players took part. The players were contacted via e-mail or phone calls, making the game more realistic as it did not need you to be sat staring at a computer screen to take part in it. 

Once a player signed up to the game, they would receive a voice message through a phone call from The Joker, again, making the game seem very realistic. The players were also made to choose to support either Harvey Dent or The Joker to take part in the various activities that would allow them to see new things for the film, such as trailers. The website had various links for players to click on to discover new things too, such as a 'personality test'. 

The main part of the campaign was when the players were contacted by Harvey Dent or The Joker and were asked to take to the streets and protest against the other group of people. Part of this 'protest' involved the players dressing up as either character, which created a lot of impact, as both characters are very bold looking and iconic, which is even more effective when there are hundreds of other people all dressed the same. 

*I'll probably put this into a prezi over the weekend to make it a bit more interesting for the examiners. I KNOW THEY LIKE THEIR INTERACTIVE BLOGS. I'll also put the videos on there too.

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