We are health and safety professionals.

Health and Safety, yay.

  1. The blood: The blood used was fake, so don't worry. We didn't murder anyone so we could use their blood. That would be gross. We didn't put anything dangerous in the blood either, me and my brilliant mother researched how to make realistic fake blood which is safe and doesn't stain. We used red food colouring, green washing up liquid and corn flour to make the blood. The carpet we used was an old one which was being thrown away anyway, so my mum got it down from the attic for us to use.
  2. The candles: We used candles in the ritual scene. The candles were either in sturdy candle holders, so they wouldn't fall over and set anything alight, or little tea lights which were in metal cases, so  the hot wax wouldn't drip everywhere. We also had several buckets of water at the ready just in case anything did set on fire, which it didn't. 
  3. The attic: We had a safe, sturdy ladder which comes down from the hatch to make sure we all got up there safely. We also closed the hatch whilst we were up there to make sure that we didn't accidentally fall down the hole. In our filming diary you can also see us picking up and putting away anything that might be 'dangerous', such as drawing pins. An adult was aware when we were up there.
  4. The ritual: So we aren't really sure if this counts as health and safety seeing as it most likely isn't real, but we didn't use an actual Satanic verse in our film, because you know, we don't want to be summoning any demons... Instead I read The Book Of Lucifer during an editing session and took parts from that and made them into a short verse for the voice over.
  5. Filming at Cedars Park: The well seen in the film is cemented in and covered up, so there's no danger of anyone falling in. The 'danger' sign we used was filmed at a distance and zoomed in, so we weren't actually near the wall that was considered 'dangerous'. The forest we filmed in was part of cedars park, and had clear pathways, so nobody got lost when filming. We also filmed in daylight and we all stayed together at all times, so there was no danger of anyone getting abducted or anything. Our parents also knew where we were when we were filming there/at the cross. 

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  1. Thank you. I appreciate the effort. Health and safety, although not glamorous and, in terms of groups such as yours who are sensible, seems a little OTT is actually something the spec mentions. Think of it this way, for every group of individuals like you who would think about these things anyway and not do anything stupid there is probably a group out there somewhere who, had their media teacher not hammered home the importance of H&S, would probably now be:


    Add the label 'research and planning' to this post too! It shows evidence of planning on not dying and, therefore, is credit worthy!