Evaluation - Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

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Preliminary Task
Final Draft

In our preliminary task, the only technology used was the Sony Bloggie and an iMac (including Final Cut Pro) to put together our preliminary task. The use of these technologies was also much simpler to how we used them in our final draft, for example the editing was very simplistic and the camera angles were fairly repetitive.
In contrast to our preliminary task, we used lots of different technology to create our final draft, such as: Sony Bloggie, iMac, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, a keyboard, social networking sites, MS paint, and a microphone. The use of technology in our final draft was much more detailed than that of our preliminary task particularly with Final Cut Pro.

We didn’t really think too much about mise-en-scene in our prelim. We thought a little about props (we used a box of jaffa cakes and a laptop), but didn’t go into much detail. There was little thought put into costume either, it was purely coincidence that the costumes of Sarah and Hannah could be perceived in a way which represents their character. We didn’t think too much about setting either, we just used where was available at the time and most practical for us to get to, which happened to be Sarah’s house. Despite the little thought put into the majority of mise-en-scene, we did think about lighting, and made sure to get decent mid key lighting.
Again, contrasting to our prelim, we thought about the use of mise-en-scene in great detail for our film opening. Firstly, we used various props, such as fake blood, a pentagram, candles, a rocking horse, several note books, a bowl, some bones, a mobile phone and a bottle. The detail we put in to the props made the film more realistic. We also paid a lot more attention to the costume and makeup of the characters. For example we tried to represent the characters through the use of costume, although in some cases (with Esther) we purposely did the opposite of what the audience would expect of an evil character to make things more interesting for the viewer. We also used various locations to film rather than have it all one room, which again gave the piece a more realistic quality. As well as this, we concentrated more on the lighting, and tried to use various lighting. We used high key, low key and mid key lighting.

The cinematography in our prelim was very ‘experimental’ as we were just getting used to using the camera. The camera work wasn’t the best at that point, and we unknowingly broke the 180 degree rule too. We also repeated some shots, such as the shot reverse shot and the two shot.
We used more varied camera angles in this, such as extreme close ups, low angle shots, establishing shots and eye level shots. We have definitely learnt a  lot in this area, and I feel you can definitely tell that our camera work has improved since our preliminary task.

The use of editing was very simple in our preliminary task, as we were only just learning to use Final Cut Pro. The only editing we used was simple cuts to change between shots.
The options Final Cut Pro offers were much more actively used in our final draft than in our coursework, as our skills with Final Cut improved a lot as our coursework drafts progressed. For example we used several of the filters Final Cut has, such as bad film and bad TV to make some shots more appropriate to the psychological horror genre. We also used rapid cutting as well as normal cutting in this, and some other transitions, such as dissolve and fade to black. As well as this, we learnt how to overlay text onto the video, so we added some opening credits to our film.

We only used the sound picked up by the Bloggie, although it wasn’t very high quality, and needed Sarah and Hannah to speak unnaturally loudly to be heard.
As we found out from our preliminary task that the sound quality on the Bloggie was not too high, we decided to use mostly non-diegetic sound in our opening. We learnt how to record voice overs using a microphone and GarageBand, which featured several times in our coursework. We also learnt how to add music over the top of the film on Final Cut, so we used a piece of music recorded by us in the first scene, and a piece of music found on the creative commons in our final draft.

Time Management
We were quite good with time management throughout really. We planned when we would film our preliminary task as soon as we got given the Bloggies, so we couldn’t really improve much. We filmed the prelim even before we started editing as a class, so my group was ready to edit our prelim before some groups had even filmed their prelim.
We were again very good with time management and made sure we started filming as soon as possible so we would have a lot of time to edit and to re-film parts or make any changes. It was good that we were this organised, as our final draft needed an entire new scene, which we decided to add after receiving audience feedback. If we hadn’t been so prepared with filming and started as early as we did, we would have ended up rushing the editing, so I’m very glad we were organised.

The narrative was clearly established in our prelim through the use of dialogue, although it was very simple and left very little to the imagination. Let’s just say if that’s how a film started, I would not want to watch the rest of it.
Our narrative was more interestingly established in our final draft, and left quite a lot to the imagination of the viewer, as it brought up some questions and left them unanswered as it was just the opening 3 minutes of the film.


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